I’m Back and I’m Durfer than EVER

  • 10:49:45 pm on February 5, 2009 | 0

    Chicken Fat,

    a werid name that has a gross taste, or something more? I am gonna interview Mr. Fat and see the real deal behind the life of 


    Ac- So Mr. Fat, what is it like being the fat of a chicken? is it gross or totally wicked?

    CF- Ummmmm? I guess it’s “totally wicked” as you (coughs up disgusting chicken fat) say. It is very messy and I have no friends because of the terrible smell. My family avoids me. I was the runt of the Chicken Parts, and in that case, I had to be the fat. My brother Mr. Muscle,  was the muscle of the chicken, and-

    Ac- Mmm-hmmm, mmm hmmm, yes, um, Mr. Fat. Your life is very boring and suckish. I wasn’t going to interupt, but I had to talk, because if I didn’t, everyone would fall asleep. Is that ALL your life is about?

    CF- Pretty much, But-

    Ac- That’s all the time we have, folks!

    CF- But WAIT! I have a story!

    Ac- Continue.

    CF- The story of WHY chicken fat is so terrible. I was born a runt, as you said. My cells were weak and dumb and sickly. My parents had to make a choice. Either have a deformed chicken, or make me the avoided child. They did what was best for the rest of us. Which was make me the terrible, yucky child. Which made me terrible and sick. I was “taking one for the team” as you youngsters say. When our chicken was eaten (chokes out a sob) I was thrown away. I was sent to the dump, and that is where you are interviewing me right now. I still think chicken fat is cool, because I have pride in grossing people out. It is my job.

    Ac- Okay, thank you Mr. Fat… Thanks for your time. Uh, erm, BYE!

    Just to let all of you know, Mr. Fat is a very boring man, woman, thing. I’m very sorry to have bored you. So I will leave you with this one thing. Mr. Fat lied. The chicken he was born in was never eaten! It was thrown into a sewage drain and an animal lover picked it up, and threw it on a bus, where it bit everyone and everyone got rabies and had to be rushed to the hospital. But the best part is… I was at PINKBERRY!!!


    No chickens were harmed in the making of this website interview-thing!


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