I’m Back and I’m Durfer than EVER

  • 11:15:11 pm on February 5, 2009 | 1

    we are really cool ppl who are 























    U hav to read D



                        N on that one! 

    That’s basically what we wanna say, besides that we are

    Hot then we’re cold, we’re yes then we’re no, we’re in then we’re out, we’re up and we’re down, we’re wrong when it’s right, and we are Not PLAIN BORING! by Katy Perry, MOdified by Apple-c and Tweenie!

    Mirrors is me and I am mirrors. lookit urself. Hi my name is mirrors, I am a really cool person with a great sense of humor. 

    let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the… FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause MIRRORS is here to Party the DRUMMER way!!!!!!!!!!! by Drowning Pool, MOdified by Mirrors

    Sup! I am Copyright. I am not a Copyrighter, that’s just my name. I am awesome. I like the guitar. 

    welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games, we got everything you want, and nothin’ is the same, THE JUNGLE, welcome to the jungle, Copyright Copyright Copyright, Welcome to the Copyright! by Guns’n Roses, MOdified by Copyright. 

    I am Reflection. Hieas! I hope my sense of humor is funny to you people! I like smiley faces. They are awesome, just like me! JK!

    I told the Reflection I was in love with it, I told the Reflection that you didn’t love me too! And the Reflection told me what to do, it said, “That’s not my problem.”by Alvin and the Chipmunks, MOdified by Reflection.

    I am Glass. I like toasters and to eat, but I cannot eat the website!  

    We’re gonna breakout, let the website start, we’re gonna HAVE SOME FUN gonna eat some toaster waffles, Uh-Oh, all over again.by Miley Cyrus, MOdified by Glass.  

    yeah thats most of our stuff. I have a funny song. 

    I’m a little coconut, sitting in a coconut rut,

    everybody stomps on me, I’m as crazy as I can be,

    I’m a nut (clap clap) in a rut (clap clap) and I’m craaaaaaaazy

    Went down to the movie theater, sat myself in the very first row,

    Laughed so hard I slapped my face, now I like to run and race,

    I’m a nut (clap clap) in a rut (clap clap) and I’m craaaaaaaazy

    I can sing and I can dance, I’m not exactly roman(TIC)

    I’m a nut (clap clap) in a rut (clap clap) and I’m craaaaaaaazy!

    Ok, so ppl, send in your weird songs, we’d love to hear them (no innapropriate stuff, plz!) and also jokes (same rules) thanka youa,




    arent they adorable???




  • durfs 11:37 pm on February 5, 2009 | # | Reply

    awwwwwwwwwww, so cute! and theodore is my favorite, he is sooo cute and chubby! btw, this is tweenie!

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