I’m Back and I’m Durfer than EVER

  • 10:00:56 pm on February 11, 2009 | 0

    TThe Abysmal Falling Cow-Purple-Milk-Latte dust! Is it just a yummy yummy in my tummy snack or is it hazardous to your health. here is an interview with Dr. Killjoy

    T: Hello Dr. Killjoy. How are you?

    D: Dont ask me how I am you foofy!

    T: Ok, then (he’s grumpy) is the Abysmal falling Cow-Purple-Milk-Latte dust hazardous or nutricious?

    D: According to “Ghafunaka’s Book Of Mythical Beings” it says in the text:

    Abysmal Falling Cow-Purple-Milk-Latte dust is a yummy snack but also deadly. We call it “threat death” Threat Death is used for poisons, like in the Kimer Poof war. It was ground up into a paste, and then set on fire and thrown into an enemy camp where all the enemies spontaneusly combusted. It was also a very yummy snack. When you digest it, the acid inside attacks your tummy and then your tummy explodes. It also grows as a fungus (among us) on our ceilings where hangers mysteriously flake it while you are sleeping and drop it on you where you disintegrate slowly and painfully. This is what Threat Death is used for.

    T: Ok then. Well, there you have it folks, the Threat Killing Death Dust.

    Do Not Eat This Substance. It is flammable. And also can cause early death.


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