I’m Back and I’m Durfer than EVER

  • 03:16:09 am on March 6, 2009 | 0

    Hey all Durf Fans who have Computers or Laptops!

    Have you ever wondered how Durf you are? Now you can find out with… *Random Drum-Roll* The Ulimate Durf Quiz!!

    Are You Like Tweenie,Mirrors,Apple-c, or Copyright(Creators of Durf)

    Are You Ready, cause I’m Not!

    Durf Quiz!

    Question 1

    What do you like better?

    A. Cookies n’ Cream

    B. Chocolate

    C. Vanilla

    D. Elephants!

    Question 2

    If you were a type of Animal, what would you be?

    A. Seven’s an animal, right?

    B. Monkey

    C. Dog

    D. Giraffe

    Question 3

    If had Superpowers, what power would you have?

    A. Is being able to eat spinach without throwing up count?

    B. “Fire”

    C. The Power to Read

    D. Shape-shifting

    Question 4

    Have You ever Broken a bone, If so which one?

    A. Er, no? And no, I will NOT try!

    B.  My Spaghetti Bone

    C. I have tried

    D. Yes, Many times, too many to count!

    Question 5

    What is one of your Hobbies?

    A. Sailing on the pond or lake-In a sailboat that might tip over… DANGER!

    B. Drumming

    C. Singing

    D. Poking things with a Stick!

    Question 6

    What song is your favorite out of these?

    A. Miss Independent by Ne-Yo

    B. FireProof By Pillar

    C. I’m Yours By Jason Mraz

    D. Welcome To The Jungle By Guns n’ Roses

    Question 7

    What smell do you like better?

    A. Coconut Shampoo (did you double ‘poo?)

    B. KUMQUAT!!!

    C. Febreze

    D. My Armpits!

    Question 8

    Do you like School

    A. No, schools a waste of time

    B. Maybe

    C. School? Who goes there!

    D. TORTURE!!!!!

    Question 9

    What do you like better?

    A. Guitar

    B. Drums

    C. Singing

    D. Is French Fries an Instrument? Because I think I’m playing mine wrong!

    Question 10

    What words do you like best?

    A. Chicken Fat


    C. It’s Broken

    D. Do you feel lucky, well do ya PUNK!!!

    You done Yet, Good! Now let’s see who you are most like!

    If you answered mostly A’s, you are most like… Tweenie!

    Tweenie is the scary one of our group of durf, she likes Dogs and is a choco-holic!! She can be stupid at times (not stupid as in duh-duh, but stupid in actions) , but she means well, at least we think so?!?!?!?!She can be nutty, but we need someone who thinks that if her Dog has a scrape, if he bites her, she will die!She is really Cool and Funni, she always bags on Mirrors,(Which n turn he returns the favor!) but deep-down, they probably Both Like each other as friends. She also is a clumsy klutz but we love her anyways.

    If you answered Mostly B’s, you are most Like… Mirrors!

    Mirrors is the Funniest and most Sarcastic of the group, he is an awesome Drummer, with Mad style(Sometimes) He can be stupid, Dangerously Fearless(Usually getting us into Trouble, or falling in the process.He can be too smart for us to understand sometimes) He takes life in stride, with a “To cool for School,” Attitude(Such as his nickname “Mattitude,”)

    If you answered Mostly C’s, you are most Like… Apple-C!

    Apple-C is the most Dream-filled in the group, always day dreaming about her dreams to become a singer/actress, or just dreaming about Tacos. She is pretty smart when she wants to be, but is pretty stupid, most of the time. She can also be a little creepy, But as the Founder of the Words Durf,Hangerz, and Yaggle Fraggle, she needs to be a bit crazy!She is an all around great person.

    If you answered Mosty D’s, you are most Like… Copyright!

    Copyright is the Dangerously, off kilter, best friend of Mirrors, Knowing Mirrors and Apple-C Since they were 1, They know him as the crazy comic relief of the group. He is annoying sometimes(Yelping and screaming for no reason) But has a good heart, (Litterally!) Perfect health! And has little bit of an Over-active Imagination, But other then that, in the heart of all hearts, he is a good guy… with gas…lots of gas!

    Finally, If you have answered A,B,C,D an equal amount of times, then well… Your just Crazy enough to be on The Staff of Durf! AND may have also been Diagnosed with ADD or ADHD… So yeah, check for that, not even Copyright is that crazy, and he is a little ball of Crazy!

    Wishing you Hugs and Chocolate!

    The Durf Staff


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