I’m Back and I’m Durfer than EVER

  • 02:19:06 am on March 15, 2009 | 0

    A partay noBUDDY knows about… The ultimate nite of nites……..

    First of all, there was a special play. The play Yukama and the Dirty Paper Towels, and then we talked about Ynnickm the hero of the DEEP! Which was one of the main characters. Ynnickm was the person who told Yukama that he wasnt supposed to go into Wethamm but he didnt listen and got eaten by Magical Dust Faeries Booshkikkle-enipple and Frank and so then….

    After that there was the A partay noBUDDY knows about which meant that the party was there were no people so Tweenie, Apple-c and their friend named Nottavailable were partying for Saint KobbleWobble Day, which is a very famous holiday in Durf.  Then all of a sudden…..

    THE KURFERBACHERNICKERWHOCKERS are HERE and they are coming to steal all of Grandmother Cookieookie’s (for the Wookies) secret “Awesomistical Pietart” recipe!!!!!!! And Apple-c, Tweenie, and Nottavailable had to save Grandmother Cookieookie’s recipe. Which was very difficult and we kept getting hit with Piccolos filled with green globs of hair dye.

    Peace out, and turkey Legs and also chocolate rabbit pellets.

    Apple-c,Tweenie, and Nottavailable


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